why does my bearded dragon wiggle on me?

Do you have a Bearded Dragon as a pet and are wondering why does my bearded dragon wiggle on me? You’re not alone! Many reptile owners ask the same question about their beloved scaly family member. In this blog post, we’ll explore why your Bearded Dragon might enjoy getting so close and personal with you from wanting attention and being territorial to simply enjoying the comfort of your body heat. By understanding what could be motivating them to want extra snuggles, you’ll be able to provide your Beardie with precisely what they need for both of you to benefit from this precious bond that has been created between you.

bearded dragon wiggle on me

Why does my bearded dragon wiggle on me?

Wiggle is an endearing behavior in bearded dragons, which usually arises when they feel content and relaxed. It’s like a happy dance! The wiggle consists of quick little movements of the body, tail, and legs, making them look like they’re shaking with joy.

1. Territorial Marking:

Most likely, your bearded dragon is trying to mark its territory by wiggling at you! Bearded dragons can recognize their owners and feel safe with them, but they also know that it’s essential to put their stamp on the situations they find themselves in. This could explain why they may be wiggling when placed upon their owner.

2. Comfort Level:

Your Beardie might be feeling relaxed and content while being held by you! It might be enjoying the extra warmth from your body heat and the sensation of being close to someone who makes it feel secure. Wiggling away happily signals this comfort level and trust towards its owner.

3. Attention Seeking:

Like many other animals, your bearded dragon may be seeking your attention and affection! If you often give it treats or rub its head while holding it, then it will learn that wiggling is a way of getting more of this love from you. It’s essential to remember that these rewards should always be given in moderation.

4. Shedding:

Your bearded dragon might also be wiggling around when handled because it’s trying to shed its skin! As beardies grow older, they often need to shed their old skin to make room for new growth. This wiggling motion could help them remove the dead layers quickly and without discomfort.

5. Out of Habit:

Have you been wiggling your Beardie for a while? If so, it might just be out of habit! This is especially true if the wiggles start when you pick up your bearded dragon and continue even after you have stopped moving and talking to it. It may have come to associate the movements with comfort and love from its owner.

6. Just for Fun:

It’s normal for your bearded dragon to have fun while on you! A good indicator of this is them not being very active off their handler but becoming quite animated and energetic when placed back on their owner. They may also make some happy noises or other expressions of delight as part of this behavior.

Why do bearded dragons wiggle when they sleep?

Bearded dragons may look like they’re in a deep slumber as they curl up and wiggle around, but it’s not uncommon for them to be wide awake! When they sleep, bearded dragons often move their legs or tail back and forth in a rhythmic manner. This behavior is known as the “righting reflex”, which helps the dragon be well-positioned before settling down. So, if you ever catch your little scaly friend snoozing with twitching movements, don’t worry it’s just doing its best to get comfortable.


In conclusion, there are several reasons why does my bearded dragon wiggle on me. It could be their way of exploring and being curious about their surroundings, seeking comfort and bonding with you, regulating their body temperature, engaging in natural behaviors, or indicating discomfort or stress. Understanding your bearded dragon’s behavior and body language can help you ensure their well-being and strengthen your bond with them.

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