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Do you have a Bearded Dragon who is experiencing diarrhea? If so, then you know how annoying and stressful this problem can be. You want to ensure your pet is feeling better quickly and safely. Well, look no further! In this post, we’ll explore the causes of diarrhea and share a bearded dragon diarrhea home remedy that could help ease the symptoms naturally without causing undue harm to your beloved lizard friend. So, if you’re looking for ways to cure your little one at home before seeking professional advice, read on for helpful tips that will turn their trouble into triumph.

bearded dragon diarrhea home remedy

Bearded Dragon Diarrhea Home Remedy

Diet Changes :

Adjusting their diet is one of the most important steps to take when your bearded dragon has diarrhea. Since it’s usually caused by the ingestion of something wrong, eliminating these food items from your pet’s diet is essential for promoting better digestive health and preventing the symptoms from returning. You should also ensure that you’re feeding them a balanced diet, as this will help ensure their gut and system are healthy. 

Natural Remedies : 

You can do some natural remedies to help your bearded dragon recover from diarrhea.

You can add fresh chopped fruits and vegetables to their diet. These are easy to digest and full of fiber which helps promote better digestive health. You can also give your pet probiotic supplements like yogurt or kefir. This will help restore the beneficial bacteria in their gut which aids in digestion and helps prevent symptoms from returning. 

Natural Supplements :

Another way to help treat your bearded dragon’s diarrhea is with natural supplements. Slippery elm and marshmallow root are two of the most popular supplements used for this purpose. They both contain mucilage which can soothe the digestive system, reduce inflammation, and promote better overall health. You can also try supplementing with herbs such as peppermint and chamomile, which both have anti-inflammatory and digestive properties. 

Veterinary Care :

Of course, it’s always important to consult a veterinarian if your pet’s symptoms don’t improve or worsen. This is especially true if your bearded dragon is experiencing prolonged bouts of diarrhea.

These are some bearded dragon diarrhea home remedies that can help you immediately.

How to identify if bearded dragons have diarrhea?

If your bearded dragon has diarrhea, there are some telltale signs to look for. Here’s what you can do to identify if your beloved pet is suffering from this condition:

1. Check the consistency of their stool – If the poop looks runny or watery and lacks shape, it is a sign that they may have contracted a disease or infection.

2. Look for blood in the stool – If there is any sign of blood in your dragon’s feces, you should bring them to the vet immediately, as this is often an indicator of a serious health issue.

3. Monitor their eating habits – Diarrhea can cause your dragon to lose their appetite and may lead to weight loss, so it’s important to watch their meals and food intake.

4. Monitor their energy levels – If your dragon seems lazy or tired, this could be a sign that they have diarrhea.

Why does my bearded dragon have diarrhea?

Bearded Dragons are a popular reptile pet due to their easy-going nature and social personalities. However, like any other pet, they can become ill and require treatment. One of the most common health issues seen in bearded dragons is diarrhea. While it may be alarming for owners to see their pet with loose stools, it is usually not too serious and can be treated with the right steps.

Possible Causes of Diarrhea in Bearded Dragons:


If your bearded dragon isn’t receiving an adequate amount or proper balance of animal proteins, vegetables, and fruits, it can develop soft stools or diarrhea. 


Bearded dragons can also get parasites that cause gastrointestinal distress and lead to diarrhea. 


it can be caused by changes in the environment or other factors that can cause a bearded dragon’s immune system to be weakened and result in gastrointestinal upset. 

Bacterial Infections:

Bacteria can cause an upset stomach, resulting in diarrhea or loose stools. 

Inadequate UVB Exposure:

Poor or inadequate exposure to UVB can lead to a lack of vitamin D3, which is important for digestive health. 

Proven Solutions To Avoid Diarrhea In Bearded Dragons :

To avoid similar incidents in the future, it is important to take preventive measures and create an optimal environment for your pet. Here are a few solutions that can help keep your dragon healthy: 

1: Ensure their tank is large enough and give them plenty of space to move around. 

2: Offer them a balanced diet with fresh food and vitamin supplements. This will help ensure they get all the nutrients needed to stay healthy. 

3: Create a comfortable temperature range for your dragon’s habitat, between 75-90 degrees Fahrenheit (24-32 Celsius). This temperature range mimics their natural environment and allows them to thrive. 

4: Give your dragon a daily bath with warm water and no soap. This helps them stay hydrated and clean and reduces stress levels. 

5: Monitor their environment regularly for any triggers that may cause distress, such as sudden changes in temperature or humidity. 

Following these simple steps can help keep your bearded dragon happy and healthy for many years.

Can bearded dragons have diarrhea and vomiting?

Diarrhea and vomiting can occur in bearded dragons just like any other animal. It is not unusual for a bearded dragon to experience such symptoms, especially when under stress or eating the wrong food. It is important to identify what is causing the problem as soon as possible to treat it appropriately.

In most cases, diarrhea and vomiting in a bearded dragon can be treated with a change in diet, extra hydration, and antibiotics if necessary.


In conclusion, treating bearded dragon’s diarrhea can be a challenging endeavor. But the key is to remain calm and determine the condition’s root cause as soon as possible. bearded dragon diarrhea home remedy is usually quite effective in addressing mild symptoms of diarrhea, but if the issue persists for more than 24 hours, you should consult a veterinarian. Many potential underlying causes could be causing the issue, so it’s important to investigate further. Finally, remember that proper hygiene and a good diet are essential to helping your pet stay healthy and happy.

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