Why bearded dragon have sunken eyes?

A bearded dragon sunken eyes can create a severe problem. Eyes can tell so many things about health. But we must wait to determine it. There can be many reasons for sunken eyes. with the proper analysis, we will know the actual problem. 

This article will give you complete information on the cause of why the bearded dragon has sunken eyes. After reading this, you can quickly help them to get rid of it and provide them with treatment.

bearded dragon sunken eyes

bearded dragon sunken eyes

We can easily see the change in the bearded dragon’s eyes because it is visible to humans. But we cannot determine the exact reason for these sunken eyes blindly. It can be due to illness, problems with temperature, dehydration in the body, sudden loss of weight, and parasites.

First of all, we should know what sunken eyes are.  Sunken eyes mean the skin under the eyes looks dark and swell. It looks like when you lack enough sleep. this same happens in bearded dragons. Now you should know the cause and treatment of this issue.

Causes of sunken eyes :

These are a few widespread reasons for sunken eyes.

1- illness:

Illness can vary, which means there can be severe inside body issues in them, and we are unaware of them. It can be an eating problem for them.

First of all, they are not taking proper food or digestion issue. That’s why bearded dragon looks ill with sunken eyes.

 Secondly, disturbances in the sleeping cycle also create problems in the eyes like humans. 

The third type of illness is breathing problems. It also severely affects health.

The fourth one is a kidney problem. In this situation, the kidney is not functioning correctly and does not filter the waste from the blood. It will lead to severe levels of kidney disease. This will also affect the eyes.

Fifth and very common is eye infection which directly affects on eyes and causes sunken eyes. Watery or smelly eyes mean there is something wrong with the eyes.

So illnesses can be of different types with a proper examination by a vet who can quickly know the actual problem. But you should notice the sleeping hours and quantity or timing of eating food.

2- dehydration:

Dehydration means your body needs more amount of water that is required for the body to work correctly. Just like humans, it occurs in reptiles as well.

The same thing happens in bearded dragon. They also suffer from dehydration. We can check them by looking at their skin. When you touch them, they will look rough and dry. Even you can also see their skin is harsh or wrinkled. This is an indication of dehydration.

Common symptoms of dehydration:
  • Sticky saliva
  • Lethargy
  • Wrinkled or dry skin
  • Loss of appetite
  • constipation

So this is also a major and very common in pets. You can quickly check at home without any vet. If all these symptoms appear, give them enough amount of clean and fresh water again and again. When giving them food, try to feed them bland food like juicy fruits and veg. When you feel a good change in their skin or activity, they have enough water in their body. Also, check the change in their eyes. They will look normal.

If all of these things do not work and bearded dragons still have sunken eyes, contact the vet and provide treatment by them.

3- Sudden loss of weight:

When they are suddenly losing weight, like the body, bearded dragon eyes look sunken and pale. Because they are not taking food according to the need of their body, they need a proper diet to live a good life.

When they are losing weight, you will notice their body and muscles. It looks weak so provide them with good and favorite food and not allow them to lose weight. If this is not working, then there is another cause of weight loss.

A significant and life-threatening cause of weight loss is MBD.

MBD in bearded dragon

MBD means Metabolic Bone Disease. It is a bone disorder and changes in the skeleton of the body. The insufficient amount of calcium and extra consumption of phosphorus and oxalates usually cause it. They need a certain amount of these three things. If these are unbalanced, it will cause serious problems. Bearded dragon face pain in their bones when they suffer from MBD.

Symptoms of MBD:

  • Stumbling
  • Lack of appetite
  • Difficult to move
  • Unusual flexibility of lower jaw

This disease is mostly not visible to humans, so the vet will do a blood test and X-ray and tell you better if they have MBD.

4- problems with temperature:

Bearded dragon have sunken eyes because of a problem with temperature. They need moderate temperatures to live. If it is too hot, it will disturb them and cause sunken eyes. They will try to find a cool place where you can observe your pet and provide an excellent living area.

Once you change, they feel better, and their eyes will look normal. But if they will not look comfortable, contact the vet, and they will suggest the appropriate temperature and medication.

5- parasites:

First, you should know what parasites and mites are. These are organisms, and they need a host to live life. They need food from hosts, but they are dangerous for them.

They usually live on the bearded dragons’ and other hosts’ skin and cause itching or many other skin problems. They are tiny but can cause the biggest problem for bearded dragons and other pets. They can be external and internal. But for the eyes, this is a susceptible problem.

They mostly try to hide in their eyelids and lay eggs, which will become a severe infection. That’s why bearded dragons have sunken eyes.


These are widespread reasons for sunken eyes in them. Sometimes there is just a lack of sleep and some eye allergy, nothing else. So eye-related issues are very typical in pets. Even within 2 or 3 days, they will look fine. After 3 or 4 days, if you observe something wrong with them, talk to the vet and provide immediate medication.


What are the signs of dehydration?

harsh and very rough skin
swell eyes 
dry face
dry and open mouth
feels down 

How to rehydrate bearded dragon?

drink water
consume juicy drinks
live in cold temperature
give them bath

Can bearded dragons depress?

Yes, they can also depress, which will badly affect their health, including eyes problem and many others.

Signs of stress in bearded dragons?

They will not eat properly,

move around very slowly,

increase or decrease sleep

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