do bearded dragons blink? Shocking truth behind it!

Have you ever seen a Bearded Dragon looking up at you with its bright eyes? It’s quite a mesmerizing sight – but have you ever wondered whether or not these wondrous creatures even blink? As it turns out, the answer is more complex than one might think. In this blog post, we’ll explore do bearded dragons blink and unpack what is going on when they appear to close their eyes. Let’s dive into why someone might wonder if bearded dragons can blink.

bearded dragon blink

Eye blinking is the action of closing and opening your eyes to protect them from dirt, dust, or other irritants. It’s an unconscious gesture that happens several times a day. This simple reflex helps keep our eyes healthy and functioning properly.

Did you know that bearded dragons can blink? That’s right, even though their eyes don’t move like ours, they can close them to protect them from dust and keep their vision clear. Bearded dragons’ lids are attached to the outside of their eyes, rather than inside, like humans, so it looks a bit different – but the purpose is still the same. With each blink of their eye, these scaly pals remind us that we have more in common than meets the eye. So next time you spot your bearded dragon staring at you with those big eyes, take a moment to remember all of our shared experiences.

Bearded dragons sure do have a lot of personality! And along with that comes some seriously expressive features, like those big eyes. Have you ever wondered how often bearded dragons blink? Well, the answer may surprise you.

Bearded dragons typically blink between one and three times per minute. That means they blink approximately 30 to 90 times every hour! The exact amount varies based on their activity level and the environment around them. For example, when a bearded dragon is out in the sunlight or being handled by someone, it will usually keep its eyes open longer compared to when it’s resting quietly in its enclosure. 

Blinking also plays an important role in keeping a bearded dragon’s eyes healthy.

A Sign of Contentment:

One possible reason why your bearded dragon may be slowly blinking is that it’s content and comfortable. This can be a sign that they’re relaxed and happy in their environment or even with you. so if your beardie gives you a slow blink now and then chances are they’re feeling good.

A Sign of Territoriality:

Another potential explanation for the slow blink is to show territorial ownership. In the wild, bearded dragons may use this behavior to inform other species members that an area or resource belongs to them. So, when you notice your bearded pet dragon giving a slow blink, it could be out of dominance and assurance that everything in its environment is just right.

A Sign of Submission:

Bearded dragons can also give a slow blink as a sign of submission. This might happen if the beardie feels intimidated or threatened by another creature (such as you). If this is the case, it’s important not to take advantage of the situation and to give your pet plenty of positive reinforcement to help them feel more secure. No matter why your bearded dragon is slow blinking, it’s an undeniably charming behavior that can leave you feeling like your furry friend does understand what’s going on around them.

Have you noticed that your bearded dragon looks like they’re winking at you while they sleep? Well, there’s an interesting explanation behind this strange behavior! It turns out that when the bearded dragon is in a deep sleep, they do something called a “slow blink”. This is their way of showing contentment and security. So, the next time your beloved reptile gives you a sleepy wink, know it’s just a sign of trust and appreciation.

Why bearded dragon blinking one eye?

Have you ever seen your pet bearded dragon blink its eyes one at a time? Well, there’s a reason for it. Bearded dragons have evolved an interesting behavior where they often close one eye and open the other. This is known as “monocular blinking” and serves several purposes.

For one thing, monocular blinking helps the bearded dragon to determine what direction sound waves are coming from. By closing one eye and opening the other, they can alternate which side of their head is most sensitive to sound.

Monocular blinking also communicates between bearded dragons and is a way to tell other reptiles around them that they mean no harm or hostility. Monocular blinking can also be used as a sign of submission or acceptance.

Finally, monocular blinking is thought to help bearded dragons regulate their vision by keeping their eyes clean and healthy. Bearded dragons have poor depth perception and rely heavily on good eyesight to navigate their habitat. Monocular blinking helps free the eye from dust, dirt, and debris.


After exploring the fascinating world of bearded dragons, we have discovered that they do indeed blink. In addition, and perhaps surprisingly, bearded dragons blink more often than humans. This behavior is due to several reasons, including cleaning their eyes and expressing emotions. Furthermore, we now know that bearded dragons exhibit an extra light-sensitive eyelid known as a nictitating membrane which protects their eyes from potent UVB rays while still allowing them to see. Lastly, it serves as a reminder that despite appearances between our species, our two worlds are still quite connected.

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