Why Bearded dragon sticking tongue out? reason behind!

Are you perplexed by your bearded dragon sticking its tongue out? Is it just something they do, or is there more to the story behind this common reptilian behavior? As passionate pet lovers, we’re here to answer all your questions about why your pet might be poking their little lizard tongue into the great outdoors! With some research and hands-on experience with these reptiles, we can help you understand what happens when your scaly companion sticks out its tongue. Read on for an in-depth exploration into why beardies’ taste’ the air around them––and how their tongues get back in once they’ve completed their mission.

bearded dragon sticking tongue out

why does my bearded dragon sticking his tongue out?

Exploring Bearded Dragon’s Tongue Behavior:

Bearded dragons often stick their tongues out, but why do they do this? As reptilian creatures, these animals have a unique way of gathering information about their environment. If you’ve ever seen your bearded dragon stick its tongue out, here are 6 possible explanations as to why: 

1. Taste Testing :

Bearded dragons have a set of taste buds on their tongue, allowing them to sample potential food items and determine if they are safe to eat. This behavior is often seen in the wild as a safety measure for finding suitable prey. As such, your bearded dragon may stick its tongue out during feeding time while searching for food. 

2. Temperature Sensing :

Bearded dragons have special receptors on their tongue that allow them to detect temperature changes in their environment. By sticking its tongue out, a bearded dragon can gather more information about the temperature around it and make decisions accordingly. This can help them regulate their body temperature and find appropriate shelter or hiding spots in the event of a rapid climate change. 

3. Smell Sensing :

Bearded dragons use their tongue as an organ to detect smells in their environment. A bearded dragon can identify potential predators and other animals nearby by sampling the air with its tongue. This behavior also helps them locate food sources that may be hidden from view. 

4. Establishing Dominance :

Bearded dragons often sticking their tongue out to establish dominance over other animals or humans. This behavior is meant to show that they are the alpha and should not be challenged. If your bearded dragon sticks its tongue out at you, it may be trying to intimidate you into submission. 

5. Showing Affection :

Sticking its tongue out can also signify affection between two bearded dragons. Paired animals may stick their tongues out at each other when they feel close or comfortable with one another. If you notice your bearded dragon sticking its tongue out to the same companion often, it may be a sign that they’ve formed an emotional bond. 

6. Investigating :

Finally, bearded dragons may stick their tongue out to explore their surroundings. This behavior can help them gain more information about their environment and decide whether it is safe to venture further.

baby bearded dragon sticking its tongue out?

It turns out that this peculiar behavior is a good sign for dragons. When your baby dragon sticks its tongue out repeatedly, it’s likely trying to smell its surroundings. In the wild, bearded dragons rely on their sense of smell to detect potential prey and navigate their environments. Sticking out its tongue lets your dragon quickly gather information about its environment.

You may also notice that when your baby dragon is sticking its tongue out, it’s not always in the same direction or for the same duration. This is because the tongue is used to gauge potential food sources’ distance and direction. Your dragon’s tongue may dart out in all directions as it tries to pinpoint exactly where this delicious snack is!

It’s important to remember that when your baby bearded dragon sticks its tongue out, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s hungry or looking for food. It could also respond to its environment in other ways, such as being startled or curious.

Why Do Bearded Dragons Sleep with Their Tongue Out? 

Have you ever seen a bearded dragon sleeping with its tongue sticking out? Well, this is quite normal! Here’s why. 

1. Maintain body temperature :

The main reason why bearded dragons sleep with their tongues out is to regulate their body temperature. Bearded dragons have the Jacobson’s Organ on the roof of their mouth, which helps them identify scents in the air around them. They use this to track prey or avoid predators, but it also helps them monitor the temperatures in their environment. By sticking out their tongues and exposing them to the air, they can better regulate their body temperature when needed. 

2. need moisture:

Another reason why bearded dragons sleep with their tongues out is that they need moisture to stay hydrated. When they stick out their tongues, they can absorb some of the moisture in the air, helping them stay hydrated. 

So next time you see a bearded dragon sleeping with its tongue out, don’t worry—it’s just doing what comes naturally! Bearded dragons are fascinating creatures, and their behavior is one of the many reasons why they make such great pets. 


In conclusion, having a bearded dragon sticking its tongue out is a normal behavior that most of them display. Bearded dragons can stay hydrated from their environment even when their mouths are closed because they absorb moisture through these longer tongues. It is important to clean their crevices, tanks, and food bowls regularly so they have good hygiene practices in place. Even though it isn’t necessarily dangerous if he doesn’t protect his tongue, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Ensure your pet has plenty of water sources around the enclosure for optimal hydration. They will love you for it! So, to sum it up, remember that your bearded dragon could be sticking out its tongue as regular behavior, and staying hydrated is key for its well-being!

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