Why is a bearded dragon running around like crazy?

Every pet lover notices the behavior of their pet. Especially when they behave differently and you feel something is wrong with them. A bearded dragon running around crazy is one of them. Is your beardie doing the same? Or its the very first time?

Don’t worry; I also experience this behavior. And this kind of activity is very rare. They are loving and cute pets.

Bearded dragon running around

The primary reason for craziness is stress. Just like humans, they are also stressed out. Hold it in your arms and make them relax.

Secondly, he got mad at his reflection. He assumes that there is another bearded dragon in front of him. They feel threatened and then the bearded dragon starts hissing and running around like crazy.

Thirdly, they may have some parasites in their eyes or skin and need help to get rid of them. You can check it at home quickly.

Fourthly there can b a husbandry issue you must consult with a vet.

Why does My Bearded Dragon Run Back And Forth?

This behavior depends on various factors, .it means the problem with temperature, social hierarchy, poor setup, the Existence of other reptiles pet like snakes, lizards, or bearded dragons, and other environmental factors.

When you see a bearded dragon running back and forth, it’s a sign of stress. As I describe earlier and this sign includes other behaviors like:

1 frequent hiding
2 changes in eating food
3 clawing at the glass where he lives in
4 fluffing their beards
5 twitchy tails

When you see these behaviors collectively, you are 100 percent sure they are stressed. You have to pay attention. Stress depends on the situation
and what kind of stress beardie have. What sort of thing bothers him? If you can’t diagnose the problem, consult with the vet.

Why is my bearded dragon hiding?

The leading cause of hiding is too much light in their tank. It isn’t easy to open their eyes. They need a sufficient amount of light to live and see things.
But when it’s too much brightness, they start hiding. The sleeping cycle of beardie also disturbs If lighting is too refulgent.

So try to reduce the amount of light so bearded dragons feel comfortable. the other reasons for hiding are finding a cool place may be the tank’s temperature is too high, insecure by another pet or children in the house, brumation, noise, and the last one is sickness.

How To Make Bearded Dragon Calm Down?

Bearded dragons are susceptible pets. They need special attention from their owner. When we talk about the environment, these reptiles love to live in nature.

Sometimes the change in their surrounding make them angry or stressed out. If you dont have any prior experience or are a new pet owner,
keep in mind the living area of your beardie should be close to nature, very calm, in appropriate light, and with no other reptile as a pet. Beardie needs some time to adjust to the new place, so,

1 Try gently showing some love and care by holding them in your hand.
2 Put your hand frequently in the tank to show them you are no threat.
3 give them a warm bath (85 – 92F)
4 provide them food daily incredibly natural green food.
5 Talk to them; they can hear your voice. When you start speaking daily, your beardie will recognize you.

After some time, if they are still behaving the same, then contact the vet.

Why is the bearded dragon acting hyper?

Mostly the owner of bearded dragon wonders why their beardie acts like this. But you should know it’s a good sign and regular if your beardie is working hyper and running around, it’s healthy. Even beardie tries to show they are happy with the temperature, food, tank size, and everything.


These are the typical behaviors you may face with your bearded dragons. Now it’s up to you how you observe and deal with it when you see your bearded dragon running around like crazy.

This handy guide helps you a lot. If you have any queries or suggestions related to beardies, please comment below.

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Should I let my bearded dragon run around?

Yes, they feel good when they are out of the tank. So let them move around freely.

How often should you take your bearded dragons out of the cage?

Beardies up to 8 months old can come out of the cage for 2 to 3 hours daily.

Does a bearded dragon need a light at night time?

They need UVB lights in the daytime but turn off the light at night.

Should you wash your hands after touching a bearded dragon?

Yes, wash your hands with soap when you touch bearded dragon or anything related to them.

When should you not handle a bearded dragon?

Do not try to hold them until they are 6 inches long. they are susceptible to touch at this age.

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