How fast can bearded dragon run-5 reasons

In this article, you will get complete information on how fast can bearded dragon run but this is not enough I will answer all the questions like why they run, and what factors can decide how fast they run, you will get all the information you need to know. Let’s discuss it!

An interesting fact is that bearded dragon is very sharp and clever by nature they love to play and run around. And they run very fast as compared to other types of lizards. No doubt bearded dragons normally eat and sleep all day but when they are excited and ready to play with you their behavior will change and start running. Bearded dragons can run 9 miles per hour and this is a very normal speed for them.

bearded dragon run

 5 common reasons why bearded dragon run

There are 4 most important reasons that can tell us why bearded dragons run. The first one is they are searching for food, the second is escaping from predators, the third is playing, and the fourthly is scared, the fifth one is problem with temperature.

1.  Prey for natural food

We know that bearded dragons can eat plants, and many other special foods but they can try to find and prey on lizards or small insects. Actually, when they are hungry and suddenly see any other small lizards and insects around them they start to run and catch them to eat.

2.  Escaping from predators

Bearded dragons are very small and sensitive creatures. And just like others, they are prey for some other animals and reptiles. So when they see any animal bigger than him they start to run and start hiding. Because bearded dragons are very clever and know that they cannot fight with them that’s why they start escaping from predators.

3.  Playing

When bearded dragons are happy, excited, or playing .it’s a natural thing they run and show their level of happiness actually in this way bearded dragons feel relaxed. As pet owners, we should know it’s pretty normal for beardies.

4.   Scared

Bearded dragons can be scared of new places and even new owners. If you bought a bearded dragon you are unknown to them and in this situation when try to hold them they feel scared but after some days their behavior will change.

If you have more than one pet at home this can be scary for them. Bearded dragons don’t like to share space with anyone. So these are the most common reasons.

5.  Problem with temperature

If the temperature of the bearded dragon tank is not appropriate to live they start run to find a place where beardie can live and sleep easily.

6 important Factors of bearded dragon running speed

Here are six factors that can affect the running speed of a bearded dragon and determine how fast can bearded dragon run:

  1. Age: Younger bearded dragons are more agile and faster than older ones.
  1. Health: A healthy bearded dragon will be more active and able to run faster than one that is sick or injured.
  1. Size: Larger bearded dragons may be slower than smaller ones due to their size and weight.
  1. Surface: Bearded dragons may be faster on smooth, flat surfaces than rough or uneven ones.
  1. Motivation: Bearded dragons may be more likely to run quickly if they are motivated by food or other rewards.
  1. Training: Bearded dragons that have been trained to respond to commands or perform tricks may be able to run more quickly and accurately than those that have not been trained.

Why do bearded dragons run on 2 legs?

Bearded dragons may run on two legs as a response to a perceived threat or as a way to escape from something that has startled them. In these cases, the behavior is likely an instinctive reaction to a sudden stimulus and is not something that the bearded dragon is consciously doing. Bearded dragons are generally slow-moving animals, and they do not naturally run on two legs. It is important to note bearded dragons are not adapted to running on two legs, and this behavior is not recommended or encouraged. If you see your bearded dragon running on two legs, it is important to try to identify the cause of the behavior and address any potential issues or concerns.

How does a Bearded Dragon run on 2 legs?

When a bearded dragon runs on two legs, it will lift its front legs off the ground and use its back legs to propel itself forward. Bearded dragons have strong back legs and are able to move quite quickly when running on two legs.

Why bearded dragon run away from its owner

There are several possible reasons why a bearded dragon might run away from its owner:

1. Threats or dangers in the environment:

 If a bearded dragon perceives a threat or danger in its environment, it may try to flee from the source of the threat. This could be due to loud noises, sudden movements, or the presence of other animals.

2. Unfamiliar surroundings:

 Bearded dragons may be more likely to run away if placed in unfamiliar surroundings or environments that are not conducive to their natural behaviors.

3. Handling or interaction:

Bearded dragons may feel uncomfortable or threatened if they are handled in a way that is rough or overly aggressive. They may also run away if they are not given the opportunity to explore and interact with their environment on their own terms.

4. Health issues:

 Bearded dragons that are not feeling well may be more prone to running away, especially if they are experiencing pain or discomfort.

Is it safe to let bearded dragons around the house?

bearded dragon run around house

It can be safe to let your bearded dragon run around the house as long as you take the necessary precautions to protect your pet and your home. Bearded dragons are generally docile creatures and are not prone to biting, but they can still be injured if they are left unsupervised or if they are allowed to explore areas that are not safe for them.

Precautions are as follows:

1. Make sure your house is bearded dragon-proof:

Bearded dragons are curious creatures and they will try to explore their surroundings. Make sure that all electrical cords and outlets are out of reach, and secure any small or fragile objects that might be knocked over.

2. Supervise your bearded dragon at all times:

Even if you have bearded dragon-proofed your home, it is important to keep an eye on your pet while it is running around. Bearded dragons can get into trouble if they are left unsupervised, and they may be injured if they try to climb or explore in areas that are not safe for them.

3. Provide a safe space for your bearded dragon to retreat to:

Bearded dragons need a place to rest and hide, so be sure to provide a safe, secure area for your pet to retreat to if it feels threatened or overwhelmed.

4. Avoid exposing your bearded dragon to extreme temperatures:

Bearded dragons are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and can become stressed if they are exposed to extreme heat or cold. Make sure that the temperature in your home is within the appropriate range for your pet, and avoid leaving your bearded dragon in direct sunlight or in drafty areas.


I hope you will get enough information about how fast can bearded dragon run any many more related to a bearded dragon running like the reasons for running, how a beardie run on two legs etc. if you have any queries please feel free to comment to us. Stay connected!

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