How we can find a lost bearded dragon inside and outside house?

If you have a bearded dragon, then like any pet owner, you know that they can hide away in the most unlikely places, and sometimes it’s difficult to track them down. Recently I found myself searching my entire house for my little reptilian friend – and while he was eventually discovered (safely tucked away in an obscure corner), this experience left me wondering, “how can I prevent this from happening again?”. In this blog post, we’ll explore how we can find a lost bearded dragon inside and outside the house and dive into practical tips for ensuring your scaly companion can always be conveniently located.

lost bearded dragon

10 steps to find the bearded dragon inside the house

If you have a bearded pet dragon and find it lost in your home, here are 10 steps to help find it. 

1. Remain Calm:

The most important thing when trying to find your bearded dragon is to remain calm. A panicked state of mind will do no good for the situation because the lizard may be scared or hiding out of fear.

2. Search Everywhere:

Start by looking through all possible places your beardie could hide. This includes behind furniture, inside closets, beds, drawers, and cabinets, etc. 

3. Check Heat & Light Sources:

Bearded dragons need access to heat sources throughout their environment to regulate their body temperature. Therefore, check any heat lamps, basking spots, and other warm areas to find your lost bearded dragon.

4. Have a Light Source:

Having a flashlight is useful when looking for a lost pet in the house. Use it to look into dark corners or crevices where the lizard hides. 

5. Check All Possible Outlets & Holes:

Your beardie may have crawled behind any outlet covers or holes that may exist in walls and furniture pieces. Check all of them — even those that seem too small for your reptile friend to get through! 

6. Listen Carefully:

A useful trick when finding your lost companion is to listen carefully for signs of movement or rustling sounds. If your pet is nearby, you may hear them shuffling around or attempting to find a way out.

7. Call Out Its Name:

like other pets, calling its name can help locate your lost beardie. Be sure to use a calm voice so as not to scare it further.

8. Look In High & Low Places:

Bearded dragons are good climbers who often find their way up high into ceilings and shelves — check any places where it might be hiding. Additionally, always make sure to look low for any potential hiding spots that the reptile might find appealing (underneath furniture pieces, behind trinkets, etc.). 

9. Use Food As Bait:

If your beardie is still nowhere to be found, try luring it with its favorite food. Place some of the treats in a bowl or plate and set it on the floor in an area you suspect your pet might find accessible. 

10. Contact A Professional:

If none of these steps has led you to find your lost companion, consider calling a professional reptile rescue team for assistance. They often specialize in finding lost pets and can provide additional advice and guidance. 

How to find a lost bearded dragon outside?

If you have lost a bearded dragon outdoors, there are several steps you can take to find them.

1. Look around the area:

carefully inspect and search where your bearded dragon was last seen. Check any potential hiding spots such as under rocks or logs, inside planters or flowerpots, bushes or trees, and other places where they could be hiding.

2. Use fliers:

Hang up fliers with a picture of your lost bearded dragon in the immediate vicinity where they were last seen. Make sure to include information about how to contact you if anyone happens to spot your pet

3. Call for help:

Contact local animal control and reptile rescue organizations for assistance in finding your lost pet.

4. Use social media:

Post about your missing pet on social media and enlist the help of friends and family to spread the word and look for them in your area.

5. Place food out:

Leaving food, such as canned cat food or other appropriate reptile snacks, outside can help attract your bearded dragon if they’re nearby, hoping to find something to eat.

Tips we should follow to prevent our bearded dragon lost

It is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that our beloved bearded dragon does not get lost. Here are some tips and tricks for preventing your pet from escaping: 

1. Make sure the enclosure you use for your bearded dragon is securely locked. Be sure to check regularly for any signs of wear or damage, as these can easily lead to an escape attempt. 

2. Choose a secure location for the enclosure, so if your pet does manage to escape, it will be easier to find them quickly. Avoid leaving the enclosure outside, as this will increase their chances of getting lost in the wild. 

3. Ensure that any doors or windows near where you keep your bearded dragon’s enclosure are closed and securely locked, as these can be potential escape routes. 

4. Be aware of what your pet can do when escaping its enclosure, such as climbing walls or squeezing through small openings. If necessary, consider reinforcing any weak points or installing additional locks or barriers to prevent them from getting out. 

5. Have a plan if your bearded dragon manages to escape, so you know what steps to take if this happens. This could include informing neighbors and other community members that they should keep an eye out for your pet if they find it roaming nearby. 

Final words:

Using these tips, you can easily find your lovely beardie and prevent losing it. This will help you a lot. If you want to know more, feel free to contact us. 

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