How to stop a bearded dragon from seeing reflection? 7 ways.

Are you a bearded dragon pet owner who is looking for ways to keep your bearded dragon from seeing its reflection? It’s natural for your little reptilian friend to mistake its own reflection in the glass of its habitat for another “dragon,” potentially leading them to stress out or become aggressive. But don’t worry! There are plenty of easy, effective strategies you can use to avoid this common issue and ensure that your beloved beardie has an enriching, low-stress life with you. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why reflections can be problematic and how simple changes inside and outside the tank can help alleviate these issues. So read on as we explore how to stop your pet’s fascination with reflections once and for all – let’s get started!

bearded dragon seeing his reflection

Bearded dragons can become alarmed when they recognize their own reflection in a mirror or other reflective surface. When bearded dragons see their reflection, they often mistake it for another bearded dragon and may attempt to attack the reflection. This behavior is known as “territorial aggression” and can be the result of stress, fear, confusion, or confusion caused by the bearded dragon not recognizing its own identity. Territorial aggression usually occurs when bearded dragons are kept alone in an enclosure without any other bearded dragons to interact with.

7 ways to stop a bearded dragon from seeing their reflection

1. Adding plants:

Adding plants to the bearded dragon’s enclosure is a great way to prevent the bearded dragon from seeing its reflection in the glass. While adding live plants can be beneficial for bearded dragons, it’s important to do your research and choose plants that are safe and non-toxic for bearded dragons. You should also make sure that the plants are placed at least 2 or 3 feet away from any heating lamps or lights, as bearded dragons need certain temperatures to thrive. Additionally, you should provide extra humidity by misting the enclosure multiple times a day so that your bearded dragon can enjoy his new home in comfort. By providing hiding spots with foliage and doing regular maintenance on the enclosure, you can ensure that your bearded dragon stays happy and healthy.

2. use furniture:

Furniture can be used to prevent a bearded dragon from seeing reflections. By creating physical barriers between your bearded dragon and reflective surfaces, it is possible to reduce the likelihood of reflection-related stress. For example, you can use large pieces of furniture such as bookcases or armoires to block access to windows and mirrors in the room where your bearded dragon lives. Additionally, you can use thick curtains or blinds over any existing windows in order to further reduce unwanted reflection. Finally, placing items such as fabric blankets and towels over reflective surfaces can also work to block out reflected light from reaching your bearded dragon’s eyes. In this way, by utilizing furniture and other items around the for bearded dragon to prevent seeing his reflection

3. reduce the use of mirrors:

Reduce the number of mirrors and reflective surfaces in your bearded dragon’s habitat. Mirrors, glass, and other reflective surfaces should be covered or removed to prevent your bearded dragon from being confused by its own reflection.

4. do not use overlight:

Ensure that sources of bright light are not shining directly into the bearded dragon’s enclosure. If the bearded dragon is able to detect the reflection of these lights on walls and objects within its enclosure, it could become agitated or frightened.

5. Use non-reflective background:

Change up the background materials in your bearded dragon’s habitats regularly to break any patterns that may be reflecting light inside their enclosures. This will help reduce confusion for your bearded dragon as it cannot spot a pattern of its own reflection.

6. Change the living area of the bearded dragon:

 Move the bearded dragon’s enclosure to another part of the room or house. This will help reduce any reflections that your bearded dragon is able to detect from large windows and other nearby surfaces.

7. appropriate use of artificial light:

If you are using artificial lights for your bearded dragon, make sure these lights aren’t too bright and that they do not reflect off of walls or items inside the bearded dragon enclosure. You may want to consider using a lampshade if possible to cover any direct light coming into the bearded dragon’s habitat.

How to stop reflection on the glass tank?

If you have a bearded dragon living in a glass tank, you may have noticed that it is seeing its own reflection. This can be very stressful for the bearded dragon and can cause them to become aggressive or withdrawn. Therefore it is important to take steps to prevent your bearded dragon from seeing its reflection on the sides of its tank.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by covering up the outside walls of the tank with a dark material such as fabric or paper. You should also reduce any nearby lights or reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, which could be causing extra glare onto the tank’s surface. Another option is using specialized window tinting film specifically designed for bearded dragons, which will create an even coating across all exposed sides of the tank.

can bearded dragons get used to their reflection?

Yes, bearded dragons can become used to seeing their reflection in mirrors or glass. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is a good idea to leave them exposed to their own reflection for long periods of time. If your bearded dragon seems overly stressed when they see themselves in the mirror, you should take steps to prevent them from seeing the reflection.

The best way to stop a bearded dragon from seeing reflections is by covering any reflective surfaces with non-reflective material such as white paper or cloth. This will make sure that your bearded dragon cannot see its own image and will help reduce stress levels. It is also important to keep all potential sources of reflective surfaces away from the bearded dragon’s vivarium.

How to stop glass surfing in bearded dragons?

Glass surfing in bearded dragons is a common behavior that can be very dangerous for your pet. Glass surfing occurs when a bearded dragon attempts to climb the glass walls of their enclosure. This behavior is not only dangerous because of potential falls, but also increases stress levels and can cause injury. It is important to take steps to stop glass surfing as soon as possible to ensure the health and safety of your beloved beardie.

Even if you notice sometimes a bearded dragon sleeping on the glass. if you want to know this in detail here is the link click here to know more about why my bearded dragon sleeps against the glass.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to discourage glass surfing:

1- Provide plenty of enrichment activities in the enclosure. Bearded dragons require mental stimulation and if they don’t have enough environmental enrichment, they will often resort to glass surfing instead. Make sure there are plenty of climbing branches, rocks, and other hiding spots available in their enclosure.

2- Add background decorations or furniture to the enclosure walls. Bearded dragons may try to climb the glass if they cannot see it; this is why some beardies will attempt to climb mirrors or windows in the home. Adding large pieces of furniture like shelves and wooden boxes against the wall can help discourage this behavior.

3- If possible, reduce how often you open the lid of the tank and how long it remains open when you do. Sometimes bearded dragons will try to escape during these moments and end up glass surfing instead. When opening your pet’s tank, be sure to supervise them closely and make sure they stay away from the walls.


If you have a bearded dragon that is seeing its reflection and getting stressed out, there are a few things you can do to stop it. First, try moving the tank to a different location in the room. If that doesn’t work, then you can try covering part of the tank with a sheet or towel so your beardie can’t see its reflection. Finally, if all else fails, you can try taking your dragon out for some supervised time outside of its enclosure; this will help give it some sensory variety and hopefully reduce the number of times it sees its own reflection. Thanks for reading and we hope these tips helped!

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